Video Transcript:

A question we’re often asked is, I know I need an attorney for my divorce, but are there other professionals I should hire?

Absolutely! Attorneys know the law, but law school does not provide the necessary training to competently offer divorce financial planning advice.

You need a divorce financial planner – someone with the experience, expertise, education and ethics to model your specific finances.

When we do math modeling with couples going through divorce, nobody ends up in a financially stressed household.

We’ll show you how you and your spouse will pay your bills after the divorce, and on what financial foundation you’ll build future wealth.

We start by creating what we call a base case – a model that shows where you are today as a couple, and then where you’re going as two separate people.

You’ll then want to share this modeling with your attorney – because armed with your divorce financial planner and our reports, you’ll have the financial confidence to enter into negotiations.

Call us today to avoid going into negotiations unprepared – your financial future depends on it.

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