About us

FA Client Machine exists to help financial advisors like you attract and retain more clients by leveraging cutting edge video marketing strategies (powered by YouTube, Social Media and Email Marketing) to grow your practice quickly.

As the effectiveness of seminars weakens, financial advisors must move their marketing onto the internet. To help ease that transition, I’ve created a fast and easy system to enable financial advisors like you to leverage video marketing in a unique way. Our system is perfect for sophisticated advisors who have a clear niche they serve, because it enables you to get custom yet affordable videos to laser target your ideal client.

Jill Addison, Founder
FA Client Machine
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Our Mission

To help Financial Advisors move their marketing online with cutting edge video and automation strategies and resources.

Our Values

  • We love our clients
  • We champion what’s special about our clients
  • We deliver a personal touch with exceptional customer service

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Meet the Team

Jill Addison

Founder, FA Client Machine

For over a decade, Jill Addison has immersed herself in all aspects of video production and digital media marketing, blending creativity with strategic thinking to introduce a variety of valuable products and services. She is the author of Financial Advisor’s 7 Steps to Video Marketing Success and her portfolio includes a diverse range of projects such as a full-length feature film, online marketing videos, short dramatic films, nationally broadcast infomercials, and instructional exercise videos. Addison launched FA Client Machine, a digital media marketing company that assists financial advisors with implementing contemporary digital marketing strategies.

Prior to launching FA Client Machine, Addison developed a reputation for providing superior digital media marketing services and turnkey video packages widely used by financial advisors and business owners in a variety of industries. As her reputation and business grew, she introduced new products like her Whiteboard Video Packages that streamlined video marketing and made it easier for her clients to produce effective, engaging content. These invaluable video packages gained the attention of many notable financial experts including veteran James Stewart, CFP® , who worked with Addison to co-create the Turnkey Video System that became the basis for FA Client Machine.

Addison graduated from Kansas State University and after living in two beautiful spots (Boulder, CO and San Clemente, CA) now lives in San Diego with her husband Eric, who founded his own video production company in 2003 (www.100AcreFilms.com). She served as a full-time staff member with a Christian outreach for 13 years, culminating in her work as a Producer on the feature film Magdalena. Magdalena has now been translated into over 100 languages and seen by millions of people around the world. After traveling to 24 countries, Addison continues to have a burning desire to make her life count through philanthropy. She is a Past President of the Board for Professional Women’s Fellowship and served for 6 years with AWANAs in San Diego. Her favorite hobbies are reading and spending time with her husband and boy/girl twin babies.


Jeff Merritt

Director of Business Development

Jeff has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and advertising. In the late 90’s, Jeff realized that Information Technology and Digital Marketing were going to change the way we receive information and live our lives. He was motivated to get into the industry but had zero experience, so he started taking website and programming classes. These were his first steps in a long path to developing deep expertise perfectly suited to consulting with Financial Advisors about their digital marketing.

Prior to FA Client Machine, Jeff consulted with doctors and medical practices on their digital marketing and online presence. This included paid advertising, content marketing, email campaign strategies, social media, websites, and SEO. Jeff chose to join FA Client Machine because its video content marketing and paid advertising strategies generate exciting results for our clients.

Jeff’s personal time is filled with spending time with his wife and two sons. Their family likes to spend time playing at the beach and other outdoor activities. Throw in two dogs, and there aren’t many dull moments around the Merritt household!


Todd Barr

Business Development Representative

My 20-year career in sales began as a stockbroker. I found financial services a very fast paced and exciting industry, especially during the early and mid ‘90’s. I then served as a Financial Advisor for several years, and I definitely remember looking for new ways to attract clients. How I wish FA Client Machine was around back then. The current strategies we offer in online marketing would have made a huge difference in my business!

I also spent 6 years in the Mortgage Industry, as well as an 8-year entrepreneurial venture in business ownership, so I understand what it’s like to be responsible not only for serving current clients, but for attracting new clients.

My personal time is spent with my lovely and wonderful wife Cheryl. We enjoy going for long walks, working out and trying new restaurants.


Vince Muccitelli

Business Development Representative

Vince has partnered with Financial Advisors & Insurance Agents for the past 20 years to help them grow their practice. He began his career in financial services as a registered representative annuity wholesaler with Pacific Life, and subsequently wholesaled private equity & private placement programs throughout the Southwest. He has also worked in the FMO/IMO space, as Director of Business Development, helping create a CPA-to-Advisor partnership program.

Vince is dedicated to helping advisors understand & utilize the power of digital marketing, and offering a turnkey approach to fit the needs of their businesses.

Vince was born and raised in Southern California. He graduated from Cal State, Northridge with a degree in Business, Marketing. He enjoys baseball, golf & Qigong.


Cherie Sharp

Lead Project Manager

Cherie has been instrumental in the rapid growth of FA Client Machine. She’s has been helping businesses communicate for over 20 years. Her past experience includes working as a freelance writer for the automotive, real estate, travel, and technology industries. Prior to that, she was director of public relations for Qwest Digital Media, a venture between Qwest Communications and The Anschutz Corporation. Qwest Digital Media provided live event and on-demand streaming media solutions for web-based corporate communications, corporate training, sales, and marketing applications.

Previously, Cherie managed western region marketing programs for Avid Technology, an Academy Award-winning entertainment technology company. She was integral to Avid’s success in its reseller channel, building key relationships and leading special events and initiatives including Avid User Groups and an Oscar celebration party for the Hollywood film community.

Prior to Avid, Cherie was marketing director for Source Digital, a reseller startup that focused on digital video and multimedia technologies.

Cherie received her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia and currently lives in Newport Beach, California. She loves to spend time having fun with her husband, two children, and high-energy black Labrador Retriever. Cherie enjoys tennis, travel, the beach, and cheering on her kids at youth sports.


Amber Wisley

Video Project Manager

Amber’s experience in marketing spans a wide range of roles: marketing manager, co-founder of an innovative video marketing company, guest lecturer about the importance of engaging your audience through technology, and teacher of writing and business communication courses. With a master’s degree in English, Amber brings a unique skill set to help financial advisors fuse marketing and education through engaging, entertaining, and expert video content.

Amber lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with her husband and two sons and would be completely outnumbered if it weren’t for her loyal yellow lab. She enjoys writing film scripts with her husband, hiking the gorgeous New Mexico landscape, and gardening in the desert.


Paul Benenati

Script Writer

Paul Benenati has been helping financial professionals communicate with cutting edge marketing strategies to increase revenues for 11 years. While working at Dow Jones International Marketing Services, he helped increase revenue from $30 million to $115 million by producing award winning communication pieces. As Marketing Manager for the Americas at The Associated Press, he was part of AP’s first corporate level marketing team, tasked with centralizing and modernizing marketing tactics and operations across the U.S. and Latin America. Paul’s background also includes time spent in broadcast production and promotion. He has worked at four New York radio stations and a commercial audio/video production house as a Production Director. His writing credits include numerous radio and TV commercials and corporate videos.

Paul now showcases his communication skills and industry knowledge as a Script Writer for FA Client Machine. He helps advisors grow their practices with entertaining, engaging and educational custom video content.

Paul lives in New York City and his hobbies include bowling, playing WGT virtual golf and cooking.


Grant Ryan

Video Marketing Manager

After graduating from Santa Clara University, Grant began his career at YouTube supporting video assets in the Google Play store. He then worked for a few years at Pottery Barn in San Francisco writing product information for hundreds of products a quarter. SKULLY, an augmented reality hardware company, then hired Grant to build and run their customer support system. He managed a team of four support agents and built a robust support system fielding hundreds of tickets and phone calls a day. Grant was also in charge of drafting customer messaging and running ad campaigns for various marketing channels. Now, Grant applies his deep experience in digital marketing and customer service to help FA Client Machine’s clients leverage video marketing to grow their practices and position themselves online as experts in their niches.

Grant spends his spare time as a musician, contracting film scores and sound design projects, while also performing with his live electronic band. He currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona, loves sci-fi novels, considers himself a movie buff and wishes he’d rock climb more.

James Stewart

Advisory Board Member

Jim Stewart has served the financial services industry for the past forty years. His foundation was built upon securities and life business in addition to having held the CFP® (#2772) designation for many years. The scope has been far reaching from serving as President of two financial planning firms to being the producer and co-host of a daily national television/radio financial talk show. Along the way he has also been a Director of FMO development, instrumental in the launch of insurance on www.WellFargo.com, and EVP of a national insurance marketing organization.

His skills include sales, technology, marketing, and communications.

Jim is a Co-Creator of FA Client Machine’s Turnkey Video Library and now serves serves as an Advisory Board Member with the company to help further the outreach of this valuable client marketing tool to the financial industry. He believes that service from stem to stem is vital for financial advisors and the public.

Jim is an avid traveler (61 countries), enjoys sailing (Charter Boat Certified) and helps breed Eurasiers (the perfect dog) with his wife.

Eric Addison

Advisory Board Member

Emmy-nominated filmmaker Eric Addison founded 100 ACRE FILMS in 2003, and since then has garnered numerous awards and served Fortune 500 companies in San Diego and around the nation with his company’s corporate video production services. He’s a proud graduate of the San Diego State University film program and the Manager of the San Diego Premiere Pro User Group. Well versed in cinema, the writings of Ernest Hemingway, and early 80’s video games, Eric’s true passion is cinematic storytelling, and he has not missed a Sundance Film Festival in 13 years.

Eric was instrumental in launching FA Client Machine through his professional and personal support for his wife, Jill Addison.

Dana Avánt

IT Manager

Dana Avánt has helped FA Client Machine grow quickly with excellent and reliable technical support and expertise. Her passion is to help businesses grow, run efficiently, and reach their goals. When she’s not working with clients to support their internet presence, she enjoys watching sports, cooking, baking and sailing.

Dana lives in San Diego with her husband and business partner, Gary.

Why We Created FA Client Machine:

FA Client Machine is the cumulative result of over 10 years of experience, passion, and effort.

The idea for FA Client Machine came to Jill Addison one day when she was reading an article about focusing on your ‘Ideal Client.’ While reading, Addison considered her ideal client and realized that, despite having a wide range of existing clients in several different industries, she didn’t quite have a defined idea of who her ideal client actually was. This led to an investigation of her current clients and where they came from, how they found her, and why they used her services, which uncovered the fact that half her Whiteboard Video Package clients were in the financial services industry.

Working closely with several influential financial services professionals, Addison soon connected with James Stewart, CFP® , a respected financial advisor and marketing master with over 30 years of experience as a leading producer in the financial services industry. Stewart was impressed with the tremendous value of Addison’s Whiteboard Video Packages and their ability to both attract prospects and deepen existing relationships with current clients. Using Addison’s video production skills and Stewart’s financial expertise, the two worked to create a variety of entertaining and engaging videos that provide educational content about various financial topics with a focus on reducing complex concepts into simple, easy-to-understand ideas. The result became known as the Turnkey Video Library, and as they began showing these videos to other financial advisors, it quickly became apparent that they were on to something.

FA Client Machine is now a boutique practice that helps financial advisors, Registered Investment Advisors, insurance professionals, and other financial services professionals to automate your marketing, stand out with educational and entertaining videos, and engage prospects and clients with your digital presence. Our goal is to serve 100 financial services professionals in 2018, equipping our clients to cumulatively help thousands of Americans to live their dreams and secure their financial futures.

FA Client Machine was born at the perfect time in history to help forward-thinking financial services professionals to transition from relying on dying seminar strategies to leveraging the power of digital marketing to grow their practices like never before.

Jill Addison is available to speak at financial services industry events as a Video Marketing Expert. According to one attendee at Bob Veres’ Insider’s Forum, “Jill’s talk was my favorite part of the conference. I loved what she said about how people feel like they know you when they watch your videos.” To book Jill as a speaker, click here.

Jill was recently featured as a speaker at the Financial Planning Association’s annual conference. Her topic illuminated how Financial Advisors are using cutting edge digital marketing strategies like video to target their exact niche. To book Jill as a speaker at your next financial services event, click here.

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