You’ve seen online ads before. They’re usually on the right when you’re on Google, YouTube, or many other highly trafficked websites. Behind each one of those ads is someone who’s paying every time someone clicks on those ads. This is called “Pay per Click” advertising. It’s been around for a couple decades, and it’s getting more widespread now that many other websites (besides just Google) are offering online advertising.

The surprising thing about these ads is who’s paying for them. It’s often not the Fortune 500 companies you would expect. It’s small business owners like you and me. Online advertising and the Pay per Click (PPC) model has brought world class advertising within reach for small businesses and local entrepreneurs.

One of the reasons why online advertising works so well is because you can target ONLY your ideal client. So you’re not paying to put your ads in front of tons of people who are never going to be your client. You’re only paying for an audience that is already qualified. Here’s how it works…

It’s amazing how much information is aggregated online about each one of us. It’s actually a little frightening how much Facebook knows about you, if you have a profile. Every post, every Like, every piece of information you have ever put in writing there is catalogued for the purpose of monetization. They know your age, your gender, what your interests are, where you live, your political views, your religious views, your relationship status, educational history, income level, home ownership or renter status, ethnic affinity, your marital status, whether you have children, etc. etc. They use all this information so their advertisers who are looking for you can find you.

But you can use Facebook’s tricks to beat them at their own game. Instead of being the advertisee, you can be the advertiser. For just a few bucks each, you can get people clicking on YOUR ad. And that’s where it really gets interesting.

To make online advertising work for you, you need to have a tested and proven sales funnel.

A sales funnel is a metaphor to describe how new clients come into your business.

Like a funnel, at the top it’s wide and at the bottom it’s narrow.

So you Attract a large volume of prospective traffic to your site (called “traffic”).

Then you Engage them by offering them an appealing bit of information through an ebook or a video. This compels them to give you their email in exchange for that information.

After you’ve got their email and phone number, you can begin to Nurture that lead through a phone call and emails sent out in an automated way (so your system works for you even when you’re not working).

As you continue to keep in touch with your prospects over time, educating them and building a real relationship, they will begin to feel like they know you, like you and trust you: the ingredients for becoming your client. Then, when a life event triggers the need for your services, they’ll know right where to find you. They’ll just respond to your most recent email to initiate a deeper relationship with you.

And that, my friends, is how we generate leads online that eventually become clients worth tens of thousands of dollars to your business, and worth even more to you in job satisfaction.

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