Video Transcript

Many people don’t understand exactly what a fiduciary is, and why it matters.

Fiduciaries are people who are required, by law, to place your interests ahead of their own. They provide independent and objective advice.

An attorney is an example of a fiduciary professional.

The vast majority of people who refer to themselves as financial advisors, however, are NOT fiduciaries.

Many so called financial advisors are just sales representatives for their insurance company or investment brokerage firm.

Conflicts of interest are rampant among advisors who are not fiduciaries and those conflicts may cause families to overpay for insurance and investments while receiving advice that may not be in their best interest.

By confirming you’re working with a fiduciary financial advisor, you can be assured that they’ll have your best interest in mind when making recommendations, and won’t be influenced by incentives or payments by firms pushing products.

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