Video Transcript:

What are the most important steps of a financial plan?

A question we’re often asked is, “What are the most important steps to building a financial plan?”

At Capital Asset Management, Inc., our “Self-Directed Financial Planning” includes all six of the critical steps to a proper financial plan. My Money Guide is designed to guide you through the process easily and hassle free.
One, monitoring the financial planning recommendations.

Two, gathering client data, including goals.

Three, analyzing and evaluating your financial status.

Four, developing and presenting financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives.

Five, implementing the financial planning recommendations.

Six, monitoring the Financial Planning Recommendations.

If you prefer to have your financial plan prepared by a professional, that’s not a problem. Our financial professionals can guide you through the process if you prefer.

Learn how to start your complimentary “Self-Directed Financial Plan” by calling us at (405) 947-2913 or visit our website at

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