Video Transcript

What are the Seven (7) Deadly Investor Traps?

Have you heard about the seven (7) deadly investor traps? Or maybe you didn’t know that they existed. Well, they do!
The financial industry wants you to do the following:
Trap one (1): Gamble with your money
Trap two (2): Make you believe investing in a lot of “stuff” is diversification
Trap three (3)- Make you believe “activity in your account” is control
Trap four (4)- Make you believe all risk is equal
Trap five (5) – Trust your Broker, the very same person that has to bring fees into the firm!
Trap six (6)- Make you believe that this time is different
Trap seven (7)- Convince you not to stop until “you get even”
Don’t be bullied by Wall Street. We’ll show you how to be a successful, confident Investor in just three (3) “easy” steps.
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