Video Transcript:

Sometimes we are asked, “What are ‘Life Settlements,’ and are they something I should consider adding to my investment portfolio?
A Life Settlement is the sale – by the owner – of an unwanted or unneeded Life Insurance policy to a third party for an amount that is higher than the policy’s cash surrender value, and less than the death benefit.

Very often the owner of an insurance policy has decided they can no longer keep it due to unaffordable premiums, or a change in life circumstances.

But rather than surrendering the policy, or letting it lapse, they can sell it as a Life Settlement which may provide up to 4 to 10 times more than the surrender value!

The buyer, or investor, of Life Settlements, often purchases, at a discount, the right to receive a small portion of the death benefit of a pool of policies that offer opportunity for significant growth.

And there’s NO correlation to traditional asset classes, so you have more diversification in your portfolio. That is why Life Settlements can be very attractive to the investor.

We can help YOU determine whether Life Settlements may be a good fit for your investment portfolio, especially as a growth strategy to offset inflation in retirement. Give us a call Toll-free at 800-303-8674.

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