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Ten minutes from now, you could be completely up to speed with cutting edge video marketing strategies with your very own new Turnkey Video System.

We make your life easier by providing you with a selection of educational and entertaining whiteboard videos to help you attract new clients, transform current clients into raving fans who refer often, and automate your digital marketing.

After you invest in your Turnkey Video System, here’s how it works:

Simply select your videos that will be perfect for your ideal client from our Turnkey Video Library.
See examples here.

After you make your selections, we’ll custom brand your videos by adding your company name, phone number, website, logo and branded colors.

Then we’ll upload your videos to your personalized YouTube channel and optimize them for search. And voilà! Your new video marketing strategy is up and running.

Custom Videos (Optional):

After you choose your videos from our Turnkey Video Library (above), then you have the option to add fully customized videos we’ll create for you to target your exact niche.

This way, you get the best of both worlds…

  • Get the ease and speed of choosing video from our Turnkey Video Library to get your video marketing up and running quickly
  • Get the hyper niche focus of completely Customized Videos to showcase your special expertise

…additional $200 per video.

We’ll support your video marketing success by providing you with a free copy of Jill Addison’s book, Financial Advisor’s 7 Steps to Video Marketing Success.

This book will make your marketing strategies simple and easy by breaking it down into step by step instructions.


Turnkey Video System

2 Entertaining and engaging whiteboard videos every month to help you:

Mini Turnkey Video System
1 Entertaining and engaging whiteboard videos every month to help you:

1. Attract new clients

2. Turn current clients into raving fans who refer often

3. Automate your digital marketing


You’ll receive a free copy of Jill Addison’s book, Financial Advisor’s 7 Steps to Video Marketing Success. This book will walk you through the 7 Steps to Video Marketing Success with:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Screenshots
  • Video tutorials to make sure you know exactly how to get the biggest bang for buck from your videos

1. Custom Introduction for each video featuring your logo

2. Custom Graphic for each video with:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your website
  • Your logo
  • Your branded colors

3. Custom YouTube Channel, optimized for search engines in your local area (Includes custom YouTube header)

4. Optional: Completely Custom Videos –we’ll create custom videos for you from scripts you provide

Your videos will be uploaded to a Proprietary YouTube Channel we’ll create for you, optimized with our 5-Part Search Engine
Optimization System.


Most Popular
Combination (Turnkey + Custom)

Turnkey Videos
Choose Turnkey Videos from our Turnkey Video Library

Custom Videos
Receive Custom Videos

  • Most of our clients start with our Turnkey Video System, because it’s the easiest and fastest way to grow your practice.
  • Remember, you can always add more custom videos to target your exact niche.

Turnkey Video System
(Includes Option to Add Custom Videos)

  • Set Up Fee

  • Monthly Investment
    $490/month for two (2) whiteboard animated videos each month

Mini Turnkey Video System
(Includes Option to Add Custom Videos)

  • Set Up Fee

  • Monthly Investment
    $290/month for one (1) whiteboard animated video each month



Seminars aren’t working like they used to. It’s time to diversify your marketing strategies.

Referrals are great, but there’s never enough of them to take your practice to where you really want it to go.

Videos can be watched 24/7, whether you’re working, playing, sleeping or vacationing.

Ever wish you could answer this question? “Where is my next client coming from? And when?” Video marketing helps deliver the

“Financial Advisors who don’tmove their marketing onto the internetwill be out of business within the next 3-5 years. Sooner than they think, they’ll be extinct.” -Jake L , former financial advisor

(*Jake told us this when we talked with him on the phone, but he didn’t pull the trigger soon enough. Six months later, he was working as someone else’s employee.)

More and more financial advisors are making the switch to digital and video marketing strategies, and seeing great return on

No matter how much your clients love you, they might forget to refer you. A consistent video education marketing strategy helps you provide
more value and stay top of mind for referrals from your current clients.

Video marketing provides leverage to:
1. be everywhere online at once
2. use each video over and over
3. get hundreds or even thousands of views
on each video

4. be memorable=get new clients

According to the Christian Science Monitor, “the ranks of U.S. financial advisors fell by about 7,000” last year. *RIAs are the sole growth story in a shrinking industry. RIAs grew at an annualized rate of 8 percent from2004 to 2012, according to a Cerulli report.


There’s no reason to be anywhere else but YouTube when it comes to online video. It’s the only video sharing site that matters.

-Jill Addison

Founder, FA Client Machine

60% of US internet users visit YouTube at least once a week (source: eMarketer)

YouTube has 74% Market Share of Video-Sharing Sites (source:

Google and YouTube are the 2 Biggest Search Engines in the world

Number of hours people are watching YouTube videos each month is up 50% year over year (source:

YouTube videos are already optimized for all devices, so you don’t have to worry about it


Wildly popular: People LOVE to watch whiteboard videos

Most engaging type of video

Dopamine= “moment of discovery” when the viewer realizes what’s being drawnmakes them happy and releases dopamine in system


Don’t have to get on camera

Makes complex concepts simple

Educate, don’t sell=ContentMarketing

Entertaining=Attract Ideal Client


We help you connect with new prospects on the internet

  • Your videos are optimized for search with keywords that your prospects are likely to type into searches on Google or YouTube, which makes you easier to find on the internet
  • Your video viewers are given an easy way to visit your website or call you directly, which makes it easier to make the leap from internet contact to real relationship
  • Your videos will appear in local searches, specific to your city and region, which makes your videos more competitive and effective
  • Your videos remain compliant through managed comments, so no worries about compliance
  • Your links automatically play one of your videos after another after another on YouTube, so viewers stay engaged with you instead of ever seeing your competition’s videos

All these strategies enable prospects who are looking for financial advisors on the internet to find you through your videos, and then become attached to you through engaging with your videos. Our optimization strategies are search engine friendly AND human friendly.


To get started is as easy as 123

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To Your Video Marketing Success,
Jill Addison

Founder, FA Client Machine
Author, Financial Advisor’s 7 Steps to Video Marketing Success

Digital Marketing Expert & Video Specialist for Financial Advisors
President, Jill Addison, Inc.
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