Here are some statistics I think you’ll find compelling about video marketing for Financial Advisors:
• YouTube is #2 biggest search engine in the world, second only to Google. And it’s owned by Google, so you can imagine how important YouTube is now for showing up in search engines (we’ll talk more about that later.)
• Here’s another fact: If you give someone a choice to read an email or watch a video, statistics show that 5 times more people will choose the video.
• Research findings released by a Putnam Investments study of over 800 financial advisors nationwide show 81% of advisors currently use social media for business, and the median increase in assets gained through social media activity is $1.9 million, and that number is rising every year.
So, the question really isn’t if you’re going to use video in your marketing, it’s how you’re going to do it.

There are several ways to start generating your content for internet marketing. And some are better than others.

• You can create or film your videos yourself.
• You can hire someone to shoot and edit videos you still do yourself by getting on camera.
• Or you can invest in turnkey video solutions that allow you to keep doing what you do best, which is helping your clients reach their financial dreams and goals.
Any of these approaches can work. And they can all add value to your marketing strategies.

One thing I will warn you about if you choose to create your videos yourself: video production is extremely time consuming. I do it for a living, and even I can’t believe how long it takes. It’s an extremely time-consuming process, and there’s a long learning curve to get it right.

But if you have the interest and the time, you can try it. You can buy all the equipment and set up a video studio in your house or hire people to shoot you on video and edit your videos. When we’re talking about having a video strategy that will work, that requires a lot of videos. And that’s going to get very expensive, just so you know.

The easier and more cost-efficient way to get your video content handled is to choose videos that are customized for your company, but don’t require intensive work: a turnkey video solution. This will take a minimum of time and effort on your part and can often give you even better results than getting on camera yourself. Getting a series of effective YouTube videos is such a key part of digital marketing for financial advisors: to help you stand out from the crowd and be recognized for your specialty.

Here’s why I’m so excited about video for you. Here’s what it will do for you. Video marketing will increase your status, give you credibility, authority, and local star power that will attract ideal clients to you and make it much easier to close new business. Your video strategies will cause your current clients to refer business to you at a faster and faster rate. Video is one of the most essential keys to help you stand out from your competition. Just sending out a market report email that no one reads, and no one cares about, much less will forward to someone else, just isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need highly entertaining and educational video content that will give you that critical edge over your competition. To find out more about how to get that extra edge in your marketing, click the link below to get full information on our webinar.

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