<b>Video Transcript</b><b><b>Spreading your investments over different asset classes like stocks and bonds is one way to diversify your portfolio. But you can also diversify through different types of stocks, such as large cap and small cap. Cap stands for capitalization, or the company’s market value, which is determined by the number of outstanding shares times current share prices. Large cap companies, often called blue chip are worth $10 billion or more, and tend to be household names like Apple, IBM and Walt Disney. These companies are likely to be more stable, offer conservative growth and usually issue steady dividends. They are often the mainstay of a portfolio. Small cap companies are usually valued at under $2 billion. Often called growth stocks, they can gain profit quickly in particular industries, but they also represent greater risk. Adding a mix of both small and large cap stocks can help create a diverse portfolio seeking to conserve capital, provide income and build wealth over the long term. For more information on the right asset mix for your portfolio, give us a call or stop by our website today. <br><br>

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