Want To Make 6 Figures with your Sales Skills,

Sell to Professionals in a Consultative Style,

And Have a Flexible Schedule,

All While Working from Home?


If so, please read on…

We are accepting applications to join our sales team and get paid to empower financial advisors with cutting edge video and online marketing solutions.

What Kind Of Qualifications Do You Need?

  • You have at least 2-3 Years of 1 on 1 sales experience (in person or over the phone).
  • You have managed your own pipeline before and turned prospects into clients (we’ll book calls directly into your calendar with warm qualified prospects).
  • You can show proven sales success from previous employment.
  • You are available 20 hours or more per week Monday through Friday.
  • You have hustler DNA and you’re willing to do what it takes.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • You are self-driven and ambitious.
  • You are competitive and enjoy a good challenge.
  • You enjoy communicating and interacting with others.
  • You have a high tolerance for pain. You can handle rejection well.
  • You are willing to put yourself out there and ask others to do things, buy things, etc.
  • You are coachable, willing to listen and learn, willing to try new methods, and receptive to advice.
  • You can handle critical feedback.
  • You enjoy bringing new creative ideas to the team to enhance sales results
  • Experience selling B2B is a plus.
  • Experience in financial services or similar fields is a huge plus.


This Is For You IF…

  • You love talking with people, building rapport, listening and finding the one reason they want to buy, and then tailoring your sales call around that.
  • You love making bold asks, and leading prospects to close. You know your job is not done until they enter their credit card information on the phone with you.
  • You are organized, resourceful, and persistent.
  • You are competitive and have a constant drive to hit your goals on an individual level and get excited about rising to the occasion of new goals.
  • You can quickly grasp details of the product and the sales process and move sales forward quickly.
  • You can create your own structured work environment.
  • You are a standard setter and will challenge your clients to rise up to achieve their highest potential.
  • You are proficient with technology (Google docs, Infusionsoft, Zoom, Join.me-we’ll teach you how to use this software if necessary).
  • You’re a quick study, you remember details, and you thrive on a dynamic and changing environment as we continue to evolve our sales processes.


Who Will You Work With?

We are FA Client Machine. We help financial advisors stand out from the crowd to attract and retain more clients with customized animated whiteboard videos. We also help advisors connect with new clients through highly effective lead generation systems using LinkedIn and Facebook.

We are a lean team of experts based in San Diego, CA, but our team is global. You can work from anywhere in the nation.


How Much Will You Make?

Our core programs are the Turnkey Video System, the LinkedIn Personal Touch System, and the Facebook Ads System, which all generate quick bursts of bonus cash for our Sales Reps with each sale, as well as predictable hourly income for all sales activities. Hourly pay is $20/hour, plus generous commissions for each sale.


Other Advantages of this Position:

This position offers both base pay and a generous commission structure. Our current Sales Rep is on track to make 6 figures this year. (He’ll be staying. His calendar is fully booked, which is why we’re bringing on a 2nd Sales Rep.)

Here are some of the other advantages of this position:

  1. Fully remote position (safety during coronavirus and no commute)
  2. Flexible schedule. You tell us when you’re available and we book around your schedule.
  3. Appointments booked into your calendar by talented Appointment Setters. You just get on the phone, do virtual presentations, and close.
  4. Selling to affluent clients in consultative, classy style.
  5. After 90 day trial period, offered employment with paid sick time and government benefits like paid family leave, short term disability insurance, unemployment insurance, workman’s comp,
  6. Comraderie and support through our sales team (President, Sales Rep and 2 appointment setters). We have a weekly sales meeting via Zoom video chat to strategize and encourage each other.
  7. Full stack of marketing materials to support your sales presentations, including print and pdf brochures, slide deck, sales videos, etc.
  8. Lead generation systems to generate warm contacts through webinars, partnership referrals, online opt ins, etc.
  9. Our current Sales Rep said that he appreciates this position because 1) we give him autonomy to do his thing and produce results and 2) at his last position, he just wasn’t having fun, but in this position he is 3) our sales meetings are actually productive and not a waste of time like some other positions he’s had and 4) our staff expresses gratitude about the supportive and affirming environment and culture we’ve created.


Your Next Steps…

We only have 1 available position, and are only considering those who take action by applying now.

Please reply to jobs@faclientmachine.com.

Use this subject line:

Sales Position for Growing Company mm/dd/yyyy

(put the date you apply)

Include any related experience and results you have.

Please include a 1-page cover letter as to why you think you would be a good fit, and also a separate copy of your resume, both in PDF format.

Also, please call this number (877) 5726871 ext. 708 and leave a voicemail as if you were calling a prospect who has indicated an interest in our Turnkey Video System. (This is a bit of role play).

Thank you for your time.