To really get that extra edge over your competition, you’ve got to bring something extra to the party. You’ve got to stand out.

One of the best ways to stand out is to use the best tools to communicate with your ideal client in the way they love the most and want to pay attention to. Your communication tools should be something that people can’t turn away from, a way of communicating that makes them engage with you and feel closer to you. You want your communication with them to leave them in a happy state of mind, because all buying decisions are based on emotion and later justified with logic. And you want your communication to be something that makes it easy for them to talk about you and generate more referrals.

That’s why we recommend that every advisor use video to communicate with prospects and clients. Video is an incredibly powerful and memorable way to engage with both prospects and clients. And custom videos enable you to deliver your message to a specific niche by communicating in an entertaining, engaging way about solutions to the problems your ideal clients face.

Helping you stand out from the crowd with entertaining, engaging and educational videos is the reason we’ve created our Turnkey Video System, featuring whiteboard videos.

One reason whiteboard videos are so awesome and why I’m so excited about them is because you don’t have to be on camera if you don’t want to. That makes it so much easier and less stressful to create the video content you need to grow your practice.  It’s so much easier for you, and people love watching them way more than watching a person on camera. Check out this collection of pre-created videos for advisors like you in our Turnkey Video Library:

Here’s why these whiteboard videos work so well.

  • When people see images being drawn in whiteboard videos, they experience a burst of dopamine at precisely the moment they realize what’s being drawn. This chemical in our brains associates with delight at something unexpected. These videos actually make people happy. And when you’ve put your prospective client in a happy state of mind, they’re much more likely to take the next step toward becoming your client.
  • Whiteboard videos are especially well-suited for financial information because they help make complex concepts simple, and dry topics interesting.
  • These kinds of videos aren’t selling anyone. They’re educating them. This is the new direction of marketing. It’s called Content Marketing, and it means that you provide valuable content to attract your ideal clients to you. When you answer the questions they’re asking themselves, you’ll be a valuable resource for them. And this kind of content also has the benefit of being shareable (through email and social media) and search engine-friendly (through blogging) because these are the questions people are typing into google searches.

One of our clients, Kevin, posted one of the whiteboard videos we made for him on Facebook, and then a friend of his from high school that he was connected to said, “Kevin, are you a financial advisor? We need to talk to you.” So, this was a very hot lead. It was someone who already knew Kevin, trusted him, and liked him. She just didn’t realize how he could help her. Since that Facebook post, she has become Kevin’s client and that one engagement was worth over $200,000 in assets under management.

Another one of our clients, Alicia, has gotten great results from the whiteboard videos we created for her practice. For instance, one of her clients runs a payroll company. He saw her video on social media and shared it. That triggered comments and questions from his clients, which led to him hiring her for more services.  Her video created new business for her, just from posting it on Facebook. See how this spreads online? Her return on investment from just that one client and one video was at least 10 times what she invested in her whole series of videos. Alicia also told me that her click through rate for video content is five times higher than links to articles. People want to watch video. So, she’s started incorporating video into ALL her weekly newsletters.

Alicia also noticed that more people were engaging with her content on her blog and social media when she posted videos. They were making comments, asking questions, and even emailing her and calling her with questions generated from the videos.

Here’s one last way she uses her videos: When people reach out for a consultation, she emails them a video related to their concern before the consultation. This positions her as an expert and triggers deeper thinking, so she and her prospective client can talk more seriously about engagement. So not only have her videos helped her attract new business through people engaging online with her videos, they also help convert prospects into clients more quickly and easily when she meets with them in person. Wouldn’t you like to have results like that?

This type of content marketing is the direction everything is going now. The old style of selling is dead. The new way to attract clients is to provide entertaining, educational content to magnetically draw them to you. And the awesome thing is, I know this is what you love to do already. You’re an educator at heart, and this type of marketing strategy enables you to start demonstrating your knowledge and expertise to your new clients online before you ever even meet them.

One of my clients was so excited about his new video strategy, he said this:

“The world is changing enormously, and technology is changing rapidly. Now with these videos, it makes us a totally different company. The videos make us appealing to people of all ages because we’re current. People see us differently, as a company that understands today’s technology and uses it.

-David Braun
Financial Advisor

**This blog post is based on material shared during this game-changing webinar: 3 Keys to Unlocking the Riches in Financial Advisor Niches. To watch the full webinar, click here for more insights, actionable strategies, and inspiration: