Compliance. This is a tough part of doing marketing for financial advisors. Every job has its pros and cons, and for financial advisors, marketing is a little more difficult because of compliance regulations. The good news is, we have successfully worked with many compliance departments to get our video content approved and into use for many advisors like you, so it can be done. This means that compliance is not a barrier to using the video strategies we teach to grow your business.

We’ve found that 95% of the compliance departments we work with just want to add disclosures at the end of the videos. That’s it. So compliance is usually not a barrier. And because we work exclusively with financial advisors, it’s already part of our Turnkey Video System to add these disclosures to your videos, which makes the approval process very easy.

Wondering if you have to do other Internet marketing besides video to make this work? The answer is yes. These video marketing strategies we teach are for advisors who are committed to building an irresistible online presence and want to accelerate their results and go all in. So, if that’s not you, these video marketing strategies to help you stand out from the crowd are not for you.

This is probably a good time to talk about who these strategies are NOT for.

  • This system is not for financial advisors who are so new to digital marketing that you don’t have any digital marketing strategies already in place. So, if you don’t at least have a website and an email newsletter, this system is not for you.
  • Our perfect client is a motivated financial advisor who is focused on a niche client and specialty, and who has already laid a foundation for their digital marketing strategy, including a website and an email newsletter.
  • If you don’t have any digital marketing strategies in place, but you’re highly motivated and committed to getting your digital marketing systems dialed in quickly by taking massive action on multiple fronts, then you can still qualify for our program.

These strategies are for the advisor who sees the value of regular fresh marketing content that’s delivered on auto pilot. An advisor who doesn’t necessarily want to be on camera but sees the value of video as the best medium to connect with clients (apart from meeting in person, and in some ways even better… and definitely more scalable than that!)

The is for the advisor who…

  • wants to connect with a younger generation very active on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.
  • realizes that financial topics can sometimes be boring and cumbersome for clients and appreciates a unique and novel way to present sound financial strategies to customers and prospects alike.
  • wants to get more referrals.
  • wants to solidify existing relationships with clients by reaching out in a new way.

If you want to get to the next level, where your digital marketing becomes a well-oiled machine that showcases the special value you offer to your ideal clients, then this exclusive system is for you.

This Turnkey Video System

  • Helps you stand out from the crowd and be recognized for your specialty.
  • Compels your current clients to refer new clients to you on a regular basis.
  • Enables you to get these things with a minimum of time and effort from you.
  • Positions you to help more people with our expertise.
  • Helps you stay relevant to position your firm for long term success.

This Turnkey Video System features whiteboard videos because they are wildly popular and they’re the most engaging type of video. People just love to watch them. There’s actually a scientific reason for that. When we watch the images being drawn, at the moment of discovery when we see what the finished image will be, dopamine, the happiness chemical, gets released in our brains. We experience a burst of delight. And because people make buying decisions based on emotion, not logic, this lowers their defenses and puts your prospective clients in a happy state that’s much more conducive to them taking the next step to becoming your client.

Still worried about compliance? We’ll make any changes your compliance department requests, so that is not a problem. Again, we find that 95% of the compliance departments we work with just want us to add disclosures at the end of the videos, so we’ve made that part of our video production process. Problem solved.

Want to find out more about how to get a video strategy and tools that your compliance department will approve without a problem? Watch the full webinar here: