Video Transcript:

At FULCRUM WEALTH ADVISORS we work hard to educate our clients about what diversification is and how it may benefit their portfolio’s.

The first part of that education is to help dispel much of the normal jargon used by traditional media sources.

When reviewing prospective client portfolios, far too often we see, lots of pretty pie charts without a great deal of substance behind them.

True diversification isn’t just about more stocks and bonds, and it isn’t about more sectors

Diversification isn’t just about more geographies, either.

The best defense against unmanaged risk isn’t more diversification, but better diversification.

At FULCRUM WEALTH ADVISORS we understand the difference! We help our clients construct intelligent portfolios built specifically to pursue their financial objectives that are unique to them all of which is built around a financial plan.

If you would like to understand the difference, please take a moment to reach out to us at the number below or through our website.

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