Video Transcript:

Is the person overseeing your portfolio an expert in personal finance and investment?

Also important, Is this person a fiduciary, or in other words, someone who is obligated to look out for you and your family’s best interests?

Here are 6 crucial areas of portfolio supervision that a competent fiduciary should oversee for you:

Cost Efficiency – Portfolios with low expense ratios simply leave more money in, keeping more to work for you, year after year.

Global Diversification – Portfolios diversified across various asset classes and parts of the world help to smooth out wild market swings.

Tax Efficiency – It’s not how much you have, it’s how much you keep!

Rebalancing Within Tolerances – When an asset class gets out of whack, selling some of what’s too high, and buying some of what’s too low can pay off in a higher rate of return over the long run. Who oversees this?

Target Allocation Adjustments – As goals, needs, and time frames change, who is adjusting the target allocation so market crashes and recessions don’t wreck you at just the wrong time?

Cash Management – For the money that flows in and out of your portfolio over the course of your life, who provides easy facilitation of these inflows and outflows? Who is adjusting the ratio of what money is working for you and what money is effectively “off the table,” and ear-marked for upcoming goals or needs?

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