Video Transcript:
Some misconceptions are so widespread, even your smartest friends are likely to reference at least one of them.

Listen to these rookie beliefs, and then hear what Investors with an Investing Coach from WealthAbundance Wealth Management would say:

Statement No. 1: “My investment in Company X is a sure thing.”
Experienced Investor: “I’m willing to bet Company X will do great, but to be safe, I’ve only invested 5% of my savings.”

Statement No. 2: “I would never buy stocks now because the market is doing terribly.”

Experienced Investor: I’m getting great deals on stocks since the market is tanking. I’ll love myself in a few years when stock prices have rebounded.”

Statement No. 3: “I just hired a great new broker, and I’m sure to beat the market.”

Experienced Investor: I’ve hired a fee-only financial planner. Now my net worth will increase thanks to unbiased professional help in making sound investment decisions.

The most important thing when it comes to your investments isn’t looking or sounding smart, but actually being smart. Call us or visit our website today for more information.

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