Video Transcript:

Your business owner clients want to safeguard the future of their family businesses.

Their challenge is coming up with a strategy that assures a smooth transition of the business from one generation to the next.

They want a process that manages risks, so the business stays in the family, AND the extended family stays together even after the owner’s death.

They are also concerned about finding ways to allocate cash flow, between retirement income for themselves, the next generation’s need for family income and sufficient operating cash flow.

By partnering with IFC Financial, we can show you proven cash flow strategies your clients can use to balance these needs… and much more.

We also help your clients make more informed decisions about how to finance the transfer of their business to the next generation, so its stays in their family and the business stays on your books

The good news is, you don’t need to spend time developing this complex core competency, because our IFC concierge team will do it for you!

When you introduce this service to your clients, both generations will be thanking your agency for turning their dreams into reality. To find out if your agency qualifies for our business succession services, call IFC Financial today.

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