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What Financial Advisors Are Saying About Video


Billy Gwaltney

Disability Income Specialist & Founder of Professional Planning Group, Inc.

Charlotte, NC

They are so professional in look and sound. I’ve heard multiple times that they are way more interesting than a video of me trying to explain this stuff.

Listen to Billy's 4-minute interview about how his videos are working for him.


Kay Dee Cole

Financial Planner

Corvallis, OR

When I saw the Turnkey Video System whiteboard videos, it clicked why that style of video is so popular with people and so I thought, ‘This would be a really great way to get more videos without costing a fortune and doing it all myself.


Trevor Chambers

Financial Advisor

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area

I was so impressed with FA Client Machine from the very first day of engagement. Specifically, their new client onboarding process is a benchmark we can all learn from. I am stealing some of their techniques for our client onboarding process. Also, FA Client Machine’s staff is awesome. Seasoned, task driven and very knowledgeable in the advisor/client communication arena. Call Jill and her team now – money well spent.


Daniel Sowa

Director of Operations & Marketing
Sowa Financial Group, Inc.

Lincoln, RI

As an education based advisory firm we are always looking for opportunities to provide new and unique value added content for our clients and prospects. The Turnkey Video System allows us to offer high quality custom video content at an affordable price. Prospects have mentioned that they loved the “About Don Sowa” video on his profile page and the comedic content has a humanizing effect, which was appreciated since meeting with an advisor can often be an anxiety provoking event. Just one of these videos has helped us generate approximately $250,000 in revenue.


David Braun

Financial Advisor

Greater Los Angeles Area

The world is changing enormously, and technology is changing rapidly. Now with these videos, it makes us a totally different company. The videos make us appealing to people of all ages, because we’re current. People see us differently, as a company that understands today’s technology and uses it.


Albert Aizin

Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager

Orange County, CA

This system is very simple and streamlined. It took little effort on my part to get it going, versus some other systems I’ve seen.


Mike Walther

Special Needs Financial Advisor

Greater Chicago Area

We have such a unique business so we really want to have great content that no one else has. These videos enhance the learning process, and we’re also thrilled with all the social media aspects to increase the number of people who can find us.


Giulia Ramsey

Director of Marketing & Events

Ft. Myers, Florida Area

We love your well-run company, your whiteboard videos, and all the insightful video marketing education that comes with it. We’re reading Jill’s book right now and we’re very impressed and motivated by it!

Brett Tushingham

Certified College Funding Specialist

Wilmington, NC

Just from posting one of my videos to my website and Facebook I got 350 views. We’re all inundated with communication, and like most people, I’m more apt to hit a button and play a video. It absolutely makes sense to a younger generation, and even my clients who are 70 or 80 are on Facebook. The likelihood of someone opening a video is much higher than just text, so I’m all in on video.


Donald Turnbull

Donald Turnbull

Toronto, Canada

I tried many other avenues to get that result of moving up the ladder on Google, and FA Client Machine was the only one that was successful in doing that. I really appreciate that!


Mike Guarino

Financial Planner, CDFA™

Hackettstown, New Jersey

I signed up at FA Client Machine and I’m absolutely impressed by Jill and her team. They are responsive and truly committed in helping me with the success of my project.


Mike Branch

Certified Financial Planner™

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thanks Jill. The service you and your team provide is the best!

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LPL Financial
Wells Fargo
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LPL Financial
Wells Fargo
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LPL Financial
Wells Fargo
LPL Financial

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