Video Transcript:

You might be thinking, “Should I buy specialty disability coverage while I’m still in residency or fellowship training?”Simply put – YES.

First, you need to get it while you’re healthy—Medical underwriting approval is typically required due to the comprehensiveness of specialty disability coverage. This approval is not guaranteed in the future.

Second, it’s usually less expensive —The discounts we’ve obtained for residents and fellows are substantial and remain after you graduate. Many of these discounts are not available after graduation.

Third, you can qualify for a Future Insurability Option—This allows you to increase your coverage by 2 to 4 times later in life without any further medical underwriting.
If structured properly, these future amounts also qualify for the discounts.

Your most important asset is your ability to get up every day and earn a good income. Correctly insuring this asset is just smart business!

I can help you tailor a plan for a tight budget.
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