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  1. Twenty-four (24) Templated 1-minute videos from a Turnkey Video Library OR

  2. Twenty-four (24) Custom 1-minute whiteboard videos OR

  3. Twenty-four (24) Combination 1-minute whiteboard videos:

A Combination of templated Turnkey and Custom videos includes 1) a selection of as many videos as Client would like from the Turnkey Video Library, supplemented with 2) additional Custom Videos Client creates scripts for, according to instructions and resources supplied by FA Client Machine.

Two (2) User permissions are included. More may be available by request.
Annual Maintenance Service Fee: The annual fee for the Program of $5,390 will be charged upon contract execution, and annually on the renewal date each year. This fee includes a one-month discount of $490 off the regular price.
Setup Fee: A one-time non-refundable setup fee of $990 will also be charged upon contract execution.
All 24 videos for the year will be delivered to Client as soon as Video Production is complete.  The 1-minute videos shall include the following elements:

  • Voiceover services (female voice)
  • Animation services for 1) Custom Videos and/or 2) revisions to Templated Videos
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Customized graphic with Client‘s Logo, Company Name, Phone Number and Website
  • Custom YouTube Channel Creation
  • Upload and Optimization for search on YouTube


  • 7 Steps to Video Marketing Success Process:

    • a Free Copy of Jill Addison’s book 7 Steps to Video Marketing Success
    • Summary Sheet listing 7 Steps to promote Customer videos online, delivered each month by email
    • a 7 email sequence including video tutorials and easy to follow step-by-step instructions for how to promote Customer videos online
  • Promotion of some of Client videos on Jill Addison Inc.’s YouTube Channel (a high authority site with 140,000+ Views) including Client phone number and hyperlink leading viewers back to Client website.
  • F.A.S.T. (Financial Education, Automation, Sweet Welcome, Time Savings) Video Automation System: Access to an automation system that can send out consistent automated emails for Client, featuring Client’s videos.
  • Done For You Marketing Automation System: Option to add system to enable automatic distribution of video marketing strategies (additional fees may apply)
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