Looking for ways to leave a large lump sum legacy, or annuity to Charitable Gifting, Estate Tax or for a business buy Sale Solution?

One unique way is our special No Out of Pocket Cost Life Insurance program in conjunction with the Monolith Program,which allows a privatized Estate to issue AA rated registered obligations on the capital markets.

Similar to how a state or municipality gets funding to build a school or a bridge – we are able to provide funding for premiums for a 10 pay Indexed Universal life policy.

Premium payments are completely funded with the proceeds from the sale of the obligations.

The bank agrees to assign its credit rating to the bond in exchange for a nominal fee, and will hold the proceeds for ten years while distributing the annual premiums to the life insurance company.

Fewer then 50 200 advisers nationwide have access to this program, and it’s only available to individuals with a minimum net worth of $10 million.

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