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Intake Form

You can list either your name (First and Last Name) or your Company Name to be listed as part of your contact information in your videos. If you are part of a partnership, Company Name is best.
Only include certifications if you are using your own name, not your company name, please.
Your Keywords or Keyword phrases are the words you want to be found for when people type those words into a search engine like Google.
If you know your Top 10 Keywords or Keyword Phrases for Search Engines, please enter them below (separated by commas). 2-3 word phrases are better than just one keyword. These keywords will include things like your city and the services you provide.
If you don’t know your keywords, please leave this section blank and check the box below.
Will your videos need to go through your compliance department for approval?
If you or your compliance department would like to be copied on any emails we send out on your behalf, please enter an email different than your primary email below.
ATTENTION! This email address MUST be different than the primary email address you entered on the first page of this Quickstart process.
In other words, what is your average client worth in dollars over the course of them being your client?
ex: $20,000