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The Turnkey Video System impressed me that it was more than a cut above what I’ve seen other people doing. One of the things I liked about it was that the whiteboard presentations were short, and I like that.

Greg Bodoh
Retirement Income Planner
Washington D.C. Area

The Turnkey Video System videos are real short, and I really like that. They’re just about a minute long. I like the whiteboarding style. I like to think of myself as an educator, and the videos are very educational. There’s some whiteboarding that I’d like to do and I was encouraged that we could customize videos within the Turnkey Video System. And I liked at least six to twelve of the videos that are already produced for me in Turnkey Video Library, and I can think of another six or so right now that I’d like to do.

Jimmy Peet
Investment Adviser Representative
San Antonio, TX

I’ve been a believer in video for a few years now. If I receive an email that has one of those attached newsletters and you have to scroll down and scroll down and scroll down to the get the information, for me, I lose interest and I just click out of it. But if I can watch a video for 2 or 3 minutes and get the gist out of that, for me personally, I get much more out of that. I just always believed that the majority of people feel the same way. The video’s going to capture you. I’ve even sent out email blasts, and occasionally I slip in a video that’s just a few minutes long and you can tell your open rate is better and you get more response that way. The whiteboard thing is like doing a presentation but you get more attention somehow. Those always captured my interest.

Joe Militello
President of Infinite Wealth
Detroit, MI

Mainly there’s surprise at how professional they look and sound, and the ‘was this your idea’ type question. This may be a reflection of how they see me and of course I give credit for the idea to myself. And then say I didn’t produce them but ‘I have a girl in California that does them for me’, which is a very impressive thing to be able to say. After they and I laugh, I say my coach (Stacey) recommended you and that you took it from there after I provided the draft text. These are non insurance people primarily, and I’ve heard multiple times that they are way more interesting than a video of me trying to explain this stuff. This bodes well for their effectiveness. My 14yo daughter got bored and quit watching after 30 seconds, but I still got cred for having my own youtube channel.
(probably don’t want to use all of this quote, but I highlighted the good stuff-Jill)

Billy Gwaltney
Disability Income Specialist & Founder of Professional Planning Group, Inc.
Charlotte, NC

When I saw the Turnkey Video System whiteboard videos, it clicked why that style of video is so popular with people and so I thought, ‘This would be a really great way to get more videos without costing a fortune and doing it all myself.

Kay Dee Cole
Financial Planner
Corvallis, Oregon

I was already looking for something like this. With the internet today and searchability, video is huge. People google me all the time. When I get a referral, I google them, it’s what everybody does. It’s almost like shopping these days, you pick up your phone and do a search. A lot of the people I’ve been talking to, the way they found me was a google search. It’s happening more and more. Going forward, that’s just going to get bigger and bigger. I like technology and I’m just trying to keep up with it.

Gary Ybarra
Safe Money Retirement Specialist
Pasadena, CA

We had been talking about doing some video work, live action type stuff, but when I heard about the Turnkey Video System, it was just the perfect timing. I felt like the pricing was reasonable and it was the right combination of time and need and the correct product offering. I have a younger partner and he had been on my case about our online presence, and so I brought in an SEO Consultant, and they suggested that we surely needed some video work. So adding your stuff we thought would be the right thing to do.

Douglas Oliver
Wealth Manager,
Oklahoma City, OK

We need to get going on digital marketing. We’re currently not doing anything. You hit a topic that really made sense to me, and that’s doing the whiteboard videos. We’re very aware we need to expand into the digital marketing world, and whiteboard videos seem very effective. Whiteboard videos seem like a simpler way to get information across, it’s something different rather than just an email, it seems like it might catch people’s attention.

David Braun
Investment Advisor
Greater Los Angeles Area

This system is very simple and streamlined. It took little effort on my part to get it going, versus some other systems I’ve seen.

Albert Aizin
Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager
Orange County, CA

The videos are a great communication tool, not only for our clients, but also to get it out there an generate new business.

John Britton
President, Chief Compliance Officer Personal Choice
Financial Advisors, LLC

“Whiteboard videos help me educate my client in 2 minutes with what it takes me an hour and a half to explain. Video is a shortcut to helping me communicate more concisely, in a shorter amount of time, with more detail. One of my clients who I thought I explained it perfectly fine, once they saw the video they understood it even more, so I think a picture is worth a thousand words. It just hits them differently, which I can understand because when I watch it I think ‘wow, anyone can understand that.’ ”

Gino Scialdone
Owner, Black Spruce Financial
Ontario, Canada

“This is a unique product. I’ve seen variations on it elsewhere, but the fact that you guys show a real expertise in social media and digital media was important, because that’s a realm that we’re looking to get into, but have no experience whatsoever. I’m younger than most of the people in this office, but even I graduated with my Masters at a time when they didn’t really teach much about social media marketing in school, even though now it’s a huge part of marketing. So that was a big plus. Plus, it’s in line with our current brand strategy, which is we take more of an educational approach to our marketing to separate ourselves from our competition. So this seemed to be a good marriage of strategies between you guys and us.”

Daniel Sowa
Director of Operations & Marketing
Sowa Financial Group, Inc.

Financial Advisors,

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